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Service Above Self


On Thursday, June 28th, 2018, the West Jordan Rotary Club celebrated 30 years of Rotary in West Jordan at Gardner Village. The club was thrilled to have Bob Ladenburger and Craig Dearing in attendance, the founders of the club. Also, Paul Quist, the second President of the West Jordan Rotary Club, grace the event with his presence. It was a wonderful evening of celebration, fellowship, and music. Below are just a few of the tributes in video form in recognition of 30 years of service to the community. 


IIn tribute to those who have been called to that BIG Rotary Club in the sky. Note: Once you click this video, there are 15 seconds of darkness before the video starts. 

In tribute to the Past Officers of the West Jordan Club

If it is TUESDAY, it’s Rotary!


West Jordan Potential New Member Application
An Interactive Form for those in the community who may be interested in making a difference in the community, in the nation, and on the planet.
West Jordan Interactive Application.pdf
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WJ Rotary Board

Diana Brown, President


President-Elect  - Penny Atkinson

Treasurer - Paul Turner

Secretary - Kelly Atkinson

Club Service  - Stu Richardson

Membership -  RaNae Bennett

Youth Service  - Penny Atkinson

TRF - Sherile Rickman

Public Image  - Rocio Mejia

Fundraising Director - Pete Cardon

Past and Future President of the West Jordan Rotary Club

Rotary West Jordan Club

# 25006

1987-1988  Robert W. Ladenburger

1988-1989  Paul S. Quist

1989-1990  Wilbern L. McDougal

1990-1991  Lowell K. Brown

1991-1992  Larry J. Bain

1992-1993  Stuart Richardson

1993-1994  Kelly C. Atkinson, PDG

1994-1995  James D. Sargent

1995-1996  Dwayne J. Woolley

1996-1997  Eric Allred

1997-1998  N. Craig Dearing

1998-1999  Corey Nebeker

1999-2000  Max Campbell

2000-2001 Terry Holzworth

2001-2002  Doug Schmidt

2002-2003  Chris Christensen

2003-2004  Penny Atkinson, PDG

2004-2005  Sharon Richardson

2005-2006  Jason Campbell

2006-2007  Terri Belliston

2007-2008  V. Paul Turner

2008-2009  Al Potts

2009-2010  Stuart Richardson

2010-2011  Brenda Cole

2011-2012  Sherile Rickman

2012-2013  Sue Potts

2013-2014  Stephanie Sherrell

2014-2015  Rocio Mejia

2015-2016  Sharon Richardson

2016-2017  Elise McGee 

2017-2018 Kevin McGee

2018-2019 Kelly Atkinson, PDG

2019-2020 Melissa White

2020-2021 Pete Cardon

2021-2022 Alicia Summers

2022-2023 Diana Brown

2023-2024 - Penny Atkinson


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