Service Above Self
Service Above Self

The West Jordan Rotary Club is the premiere service club in the boundaries of West Jordan. As such, its membership our people of action. Not shown in this picture are the following members: Natalie Argyle, Sierra Argyle, Steven Atkinson, Nathan Brown, Seth Casalino, Bev Christy, Brenda and Pratt Cole, Jean Kristle, Meheza Poyode, Stu Richardson, and Reed Searle. 


Do you want to do more good in the world but can’t think how you can have an impact? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome! 

Sometimes we all get caught up in the squirrel cage of life and wonder if we are making a difference in the world. Here is the answer to that question if you are a West Jordan Rotary Club member. Last year this is what the club  accomplished:

  • Through our Polio plus donations, our members have immunized two-thousand three hundred children against avoidable illnesses, including Polio.
  • We provided three families with Christmas this year, costing slightly over twenty-three hundred dollars. 
  • Working with local businesses, we raised more than eight thousand dollars to distribute two thousand twenty-one dictionaries to third graders in the Jordan School District.
  • We provided fifty-one turkeys to the Goshute Indians in the West desert of Utah for Thanksgiving.  
  • We have contributed more than thirty-three hundred dollars to The Rotary Foundation in the first six months of the Rotary year. These funds may be used by The Rotary Foundation to dig thirty-two water wells in third-world countries, or restore sight to forty-four children who have avoidable blindness, or install more than one hundred fifty solar lights on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, or feed three thousand four hundred and twenty-three malnourished children for a day, and the list goes on.
  • We scholarshipped five high school students to attend RYLA to learn skill sets to help them become future leaders in the world.
  • Working with our professional educators from our local high schools, we recognized two exceptional, outstanding students monthly, awarding them the Student of the Month recognition. At the end of the year, the Club selects two recipients of this award to receive a one-thousand-dollar scholarship for post-high school education.
  • We partner monthly with Tiny Tims to build toy cars for disadvantaged children in third-world countries. 
  • In the first six months of this year, we have contributed three thousand dollars in partnering with U-SA Cares. U-SA Cares addresses the nutritional, health, and safety of women and children living in South Africa, providing education, jobs, and skills so these folks may cast off generational poverty.
  • We have supported our Scout Troop with a potato fundraiser, transporting hundreds of pounds of potatoes, bagging them, and helping the troop sell them.
  • We have received a $10,000 grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation to help enhance the Jordan River Parkway. 
  • We dug more than one-hundred and fifty-three holes along the Jordan River parkway to plant trees in.
  • We delivered clothing to the Goshute Indian Reservation for a family who lost everything in a house fire. 


… and the list goes on 

If it is TUESDAY, it’s Rotary!


West Jordan Potential New Member Application
An Interactive Form for those in the community who may be interested in making a difference in the community, in the nation, and on the planet.
West Jordan Interactive Application.pdf
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WJ Rotary Board

Diana Brown, President


President  - Penny Atkinson

President-Elect - RaNae Bennett

Treasurer - Diana Brown

Executive Secretary - Dwayne Woolley

Club Service  - Stu Richardson

Membership - Vince Huntsman

Youth Service  - Steve Yancey

TRF - Doug Schmidt

Public Image  - Melissa White

Fundraising Director - Pete Cardon

Field of Dream - Steve Gabby

Past and Future President of the West Jordan Rotary Club

Rotary West Jordan Club

# 25006

1987-1988  Robert W. Ladenburger

1988-1989  Paul S. Quist

1989-1990  Wilbern L. McDougal

1990-1991  Lowell K. Brown

1991-1992  Larry J. Bain

1992-1993  Stuart Richardson

1993-1994  Kelly C. Atkinson, PDG

1994-1995  James D. Sargent

1995-1996  Dwayne J. Woolley

1996-1997  Eric Allred

1997-1998  N. Craig Dearing

1998-1999  Corey Nebeker

1999-2000  Max Campbell

2000-2001 Terry Holzworth

2001-2002  Doug Schmidt

2002-2003  Chris Christensen

2003-2004  Penny Atkinson, PDG

2004-2005  Sharon Richardson

2005-2006  Jason Campbell

2006-2007  Terri Belliston

2007-2008  V. Paul Turner

2008-2009  Al Potts

2009-2010  Stuart Richardson

2010-2011  Brenda Cole

2011-2012  Sherile Rickman

2012-2013  Sue Potts

2013-2014  Stephanie Sherrell

2014-2015  Rocio Mejia

2015-2016  Sharon Richardson

2016-2017  Elise McGee 

2017-2018 Kevin McGee

2018-2019 Kelly Atkinson, PDG

2019-2020 Melissa White

2020-2021 Pete Cardon

2021-2022 Alicia Summers

2022-2023 Diana Brown

2023-2024 - Penny Atkinson

2024-25 - RaNae Bennett

2025 - 26 - Paul Turner


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