Commitment to Youth

No club in the District has a greater commitment to Rotary’s four youth programs than West Jordan. 

In addition, recently our own Penny Atkinson led Utah students to Mexico to build  houses in less than 5 days (See video below).

Exchange Student says "Thank You!"

Here is an open letter from Anni to her host parents, Stu & Sharon Richardson. The club was her host club in Utah. 

Hi Sharon and Stuart!

You can't believe where I was last weekend! It made me think of you and Stuart and the West Jordan Rotary club and I thought I want to share my experience with you.

So about a month ago this
rotarian called me and asked if I could go and talk about my exchange year in Utah at this PETS training conference for rotaries. I went and talked about the meaning of my exchange and apparently many people liked my speech. After the speech the district governor Matti Poikolainen came up to me and said he really liked what I talked about and asked if I could go and give another speech at the district conference in April. I was kind of nervous about it because I had been to the district conference in Utah and there was a lot of people... But I decided to go and last weekend the district conference of the D1390 was held in Tampere and I gave a speech in English and Finnish about the future of Rotary and what my exchange made me think about Rotary. It was amazing and exciting and I'm really happy I went. I didn't know how to react when so many people came to thank me after my speech. Now they want me to start a Rotaract club in my city and I will find out how to do it and start it with a friend of mine.

I just want to thank you for everything you did for me during my exchange. I got an amazing gift from Rotary and I will be forever grateful for it. I really love all the
rotarians, they are such good people with big hearts. I'm so happy I got to do my exchange with Rotary so I got to know its values and what it's really about. I still love hanging out with exchange students in my city and I know all the rotary students here. This week I will go for a coffee with a French exchange student Adèle who will help me improve my French. I can't believe how amazing opportunities Rotary and my exchange has given me. And it's not just actual things I got but the courage to try new things. Thank you so much for it. I never thought I would talk in front of hundreds of people.

Please say hi to everyone in the Rotary club! I miss them and I will always remember them. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Love you,


Exchange Student "Comes Home".

Youth Thanking the West Jordan Rotary Club

Ana comes back to Utah for a visit!

Stu Richardson and Ana

Recently, last year's exchange Student Anni, return to the home of Sharon and Stu Richardson for a visit. Anni, while in her native country of Sweden learned to drive. It was pretty nice of Stu to let her zip around in his "Z'. She told her daddy that she wasn't going to return home until he sprung for an equivalent ride!

Stu and Sharon Richardson (club treasurer) have hosted many of our foreign exchange students at their beauty retreat house in Moab for an annual outing. This is a very unique experience for young people who have never viewed the scenic beauty of Utah Red Rock country.  The video above is the class of 2010-2011 saying thank you to the “West Jordan Rotary Club.”

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