Service Above Self
Service Above Self

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ATTENDANCE: In no particular order: Joyce S, Brent S, Michael M, Patzy C, Bev C, Natalie A, & Terri S. Special Guest: Larry C, Rob S, Antonio (Exchange Student), Sam (RYLA Student), and Amy P from the Bountiful Club. 


President Joyce called the meeting to order at 8 pm.

Joyce announced the World Polio Day Dinner, Wednesday, October 27, 6:30pm at the Cottonwood Country Club, 1780 Lakewood Drive, Holladay. The speaker will be Nigerian Past District Governor Pearl Okoro. Pearl has been recognized by Rotary International as of one of five female Rotarians worldwide who has done the most to eradicate polio. A $50.00 registration fee.

She informed the club that the West Jordan Rotary Club would be holding a Pheasant Hunt 7 am, November 6th. If you are interested contact Kelly Atkinson, at 801-673-2861 

Joyce reminded the club of the Membership Campaign to grow our numbers is currently in progress and asked members to participate.

Finally she announced Halchita Service Event October 28 to the 31st.  For more info goto

A Rotary Moment highlighting Small Acts of Kindness was share.


The club members participated in Happy Buck to share their thoughts.

Each member took a moment to express something happening in her life.


The balance of the time was spent listening to Antonio, our Exchange Student, and Sam, our RYLA student reporting on their experiences.


Amy, our guest from Bountiful, ended the meeting with the Four-Way Test.





ATTENDANCE: In no particular order: Devin T, Bev C, Patzy C, Kelly A, Joyce S, and Brent Scott.


President Joyce called the meeting to order at 8 pm.


A special guest offered the prayer (See the video to see who).


A Rotary Moment was a profile about Tom Morrissey and how he  overcame being born with one arm to be able to play golf (Worth watching).


The club members participated in Happy Buck to share their thoughts.


Each member took a moment to express something happening in her life.


The club’s own Devin Thorpe gave a wonderful presentation about Superpowers which is the premise of a new book he is writing. He spoke about his interviews chatting with Rotary Royalty including Bill Gates, Mark Maloney, Jennifer Jones, Barry Rassin, and Holger Knaack. Also, a wonderful, insightful overview of Rotary's work on Polio Eradication. 


Patzy C. ended the meeting with the Four-Way Test.



If it is TUESDAY, it’s Rotary!


West Jordan Potential New Member Application
An Interactive Form for those in the community who may be interested in making a difference in the community, in the nation, and on the planet.
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